Gray Crowned Crane, Uganda by Simon Thompson Amazon Dawn, Peru by Simon Thompson Snow Geese Bosque, New Mexico  by Simon Thompson Barred Owl, Texas by Simon Thompson Blue-winged Warbler, NC by Todd Arcos Black-throated Blue Warbler by Todd Arcos Black-throated Green Warbler by Todd Arcos Aplomado Falcon, Mexico by David McCauley Blue-cheeked Bee-eater, Iraq by Charlie Jones Cape Petrel, New Zealand by Roger McNeill Great Crested Grebes, England  by Doug Johnston Osprey, Florida by Todd Arcos Protea, South Africa by Simon Thompson Red-tailed Hawk, NC by Todd Arcos Southern Carmine Bee-eater, Zambia by Simon Thompson Sparkling Violet-ear by John Parrish Sword-billed Hummingbird by John Parrish Victoria Falls, Zambia by Simon Thompson White-necked Jacobin, Honduras by Lena Gallitano White Rhino, South Africa by Simon Thompson Great Horned Owl, Florida by Simon Thompson  Northern Shoveler, Alaska by Simon Thompson Scissor-tailed Flycatcher, Texas by Simon Thompson  Black-necked Stilt, Texas by Simon Thompson Great Potoo, Honduras by Lena Gallitano Ibisbill, Bhutan Green Honeycreeper, Trinidad by Simon Thompson


Welcome to Ventures Birding Tours!


We have put together quite a varied selection of day trips, weekend and longer Ventures both within North America and further afield. Take a look at our Calendar and you can find out more information on each of our upcoming birding and nature tours. You can enjoy watching warblers in the Carolinas, take a boat up the River Gambia, West Africa or enjoy watching seabirds on a pelagic trip off California. From the Danube Delta in Romania to the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, we hope you can join us for one of our birding Ventures in the coming year.

Simon Thompson, Ventures Owner