Fall Migration in
Jackson Park, Hendersonville, NC September 28, 2011





      Trip Report






American Redstart by Todd Arcos


The weather predictions were for clear and warm conditions for our first Fall Migration day in Jackson Park. Blue skies and no wind greeted us as we walked down towards the Nature Trail to see what migrants were moving through. The park has been excellent this fall and even on a quiet day there are birds everywhere and today was not one of the busiest of late. The 4 most common migrant warblers, Chestnut-sided, Magnolia, Tennessee and American Redstart, were in good numbers and by the end of the day we certainly were up close and familiar with these species. Other transient warblers included Northern Waterthrush, Golden-winged Warbler (a male which some of us watched bathing later in the day), a couple of Wilson's and several Black-throated Greens. Scarlet Tanager numbers were starting to pick up and several individuals were seen throughout the day. We even had a few Broad-winged Hawks pass over the park- quite unusual really. By the end of October most of these birds will have moved south to be replaced by a new selection of wintering species, one of which had already arrived- a Ruby-crowned Kinglet.
Simon Thompson