Black-throated Green Warbler by Todd Arcos


Trip Report





View Over Stecoah Valley by Simon Thompson


Stecoah Gap,

Graham County, NC

April 27, 2012



We all met at Stecoah Gap after having driven through some fairly dense fog on our way up from Asheville. Thankfully the sun was shining above the lowland mists and we could soon see through into the already leafed out woodlands.
As we walked down the trail, the wall of bird song hit us. Red-eyed Vireos, Ovenbirds, Scarlet Tanagers and at least 5 species of warbler were all singing and it was quite the challenge to separate the identity of the songsters.


Perfoliate-leafed Bellwort by Simon Thompson


It did not take too long before we were watching 2 male American Redstarts chasing each other around and had great views of a recently arrived Kentucky Warbler. An ovenbird sang from its song perch and allowed us to get extended scope views and by the end of the morning Scarlet Tanagers seemed almost common-place!


Black-throated Green Warbler by Todd Arcos



The old clear-cuts about 1.5 miles down the trail was full of singing Rose-breasted Grosbeaks and Hooded Warblers- most singing in full view. Wood Thrushes were also singing all along the trail making for a morning walk full of incredible bird song. We finished the day with a brief stop at the Robbinsville Ingle’s before continuing on to Snowbird Lodge. Here 2 Pine Siskins were a surprise mixed in with the goldfinches on the feeder and an Osprey circled over Sunrise Point. It was a great spring day up here in Graham County.


Simon Thompson