Blackburnian Warbler by Todd Arcos


Trip Report





View Over Stecoah Valley by Simon Thompson


Stecoah Gap

Graham County, NC
May 4, 2012



Some heavy thunderstorms were moving through Graham County overnight forcing us to delay the start to our second Stecoah Gap birding trip. But by 9:15 or so the majority of the rain had moved east of us. Waves of fog and small rain showers continued on through the morning but never interfered with our birding.
The first few hundred meters of the trail were particularly good this time with great views of Chestnut-sided Warbler (sitting on the split rail fence), American Redstart, Magnolia Warbler and Ovenbird. The Kentucky Warbler was strangely absent this morning and as normal the Cerulean Warbler decided to stay as high as it could in the treetops.


Canada Violets by Simon Thompson


A Tennessee Warbler was singing at the overlook but only glimpsed as it flew through the misty conditions and we had great views of both male and female Blackburnian Warblers as they fed on the trail ahead of us.



Blackburnian Warbler by Todd Arcos



Several Scarlet Tanagers were singing their husky songs and a pair of Rose-breasted Grosbeaks was gathering nesting material for their bulky nest. And as for Indigo Buntings, they are back in force.

Yes, another spectacular day in one of the finest warbler spots in the Southern Appalachians.



Simon Thompson