Adrianna Nelson 

Adrianna Nelson is from the hills of East Tennessee. She began birding when she was nine years old after identifying a Dark-eyed Junco in her yard. Since then, the obsession has taken full flight (yes, pun intended). In high school, she became the Sullivan County Coordinator with the Tennessee Bluebird Society. She went to Appalachian State University where she researched both songbirds and moths. In college, she was active with the ASU Audubon campus chapter as well as the High Country Audubon Society. She loves exploring birds and other taxa found in the Southern Appalachian Mountains.

In 2020, Adrianna was selected as the American Birding Association’s Young Birder of the Year. Since then, she has been active with the ABA, participating in some of their events and contributing to their publications. In summer 2022, Adrianna was a mountain field technician for the North Carolina Bird Atlas. Most recently, she completed a seasonal job teaching environmental education in Estes Park, Colorado where she also got to participate in songbird and owl banding. She is now searching for field ornithology jobs for the coming year and is making plans to attend graduate school.