Ventures Local Day Trips


Ventures runs many day trips throughout the Carolinas every year, especially in the western portion of the region. From warblers and woodpeckers in the highest peaks and spruce fir forests around Mt. Mitchell to tanagers and cuckoos in the rich lowland woodlands of the South Carolina Piedmont, we find new and exciting birding destinations throughout our area. Some places are "must visit" spots from year to year but others are new to the birding world. Join us as we explore our own backyard in the Carolinas & Eastern Tennessee.


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Blue-winged Warbler by Alan Lenk

Spectacular Fall Migration Ridge Junction Overlook, Asheville, NC
August 30, 2019

Leaders: Aaron Steed & Michael Plauché

Northern Parula - photo by A. Lenk

Morganton Greenway
Morganton, NC
September 7, 2019

Leader: Clifton Avery

Lesser Yellowlegs by Alan Lenk

Shorebird Workshop at
Rankin Bottoms, Tennessee
September 8, 2019


Leader: Kevin Burke

Cape May Warblers are one of the more common migrant warblers through our area in the fall.

Fall Warbler Workshop 1
Jackson Park Hendersonville, NC
September 11, 2019


Leader: Kevin Burke

Many fall Black-throated Green Warblers only show a ‘shadow’ of the black throat, as pictured here. 
Photo by A. Lenk

Fall Warbler Workshop 2

Jackson Park Hendersonville, NC
Sept 18, 2019

Leader: Clifton Avery


Tennessee Warblers don't breed in our area, yet they are one of the most numerous fall migrants. Photo by A. Lenk

Fall Migration:
Historic Orchard at Altapass
Blue Ridge Parkway, NC
September 21, 2019

Leader: Clifton Avery

Cape May Warbler by Alan Lenk

Spectacular Fall Migration 2
Ridge Junction Overlook, WNC
September 26, 2019

Leaders: Kevin Burke & Clifton Avery


A male Black-throated Blue Warbler! Photo by Alan Lenk

Fall Warbler Workshop 3

Jackson Park Hendersonville, NC
September 28, 2019

Leader: Michael Plauché


A female Black-throated Blue Warbler. Photo by Alan Lenk

‘Spectacular Fall Migration 3’
Ridge Junction Overlook, WNC
October 1, 2019

Leaders: Aaron Steed & Clifton Avery



We should see several American Kestrels during our day in the Gamelands; photo by Alan Lenk

‘Open Country Birding’
Sandy Mush Gamelands
Buncombe County, NC
October 22, 2019

Leader: Aaron Steed