Mike Resch

Mike was 8 years old when his parents bought him his first pair of binoculars, and birding has been his principal hobby ever since. His lifelong birding passion has been state birding – an endeavor to find and study as many individual bird species as possible in all the US states and Canadian provinces. Today Mike has seen at least 200 species in all 49 continental states, and he recently exceeded 15,000 “total ticks” (the sum of his state and province lists). His state birding strategies and results have been featured on two podcasts on Edward Pullen’s “Bird Cast”.

Mike lived in New England for 26 years where he was the Chair of the New Hampshire Rare Birds Committee. He moved to the mountains of NC in 2019, and has become the compiler of the Lake Lure Christmas Bird Count and Co-Coordinator of the mountains region of the NC Bird Atlas, and regularly leads walks for the Greenville County Bird Club.