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Simon Thompson


Simon Thompson

     Originally from Suffolk, England, Simon has lived in North Carolina for over 20 years. Prior to moving to the US he lived in Lebanon, Kenya, Yemen, and Ghana, where his interest in birds and natural history began. In addition to traveling extensively in the United States, Simon spent six months in China studying the crane and bird of prey migration as a member of the British "China Crane Watch" expedition. He is on the board of the Elisha Mitchell Audubon Society in Asheville, NC. As owner and operator of Ventures Birding Tours, Simon has led many birding trips all over the world.

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Hawk Mountain, PA, Delaware Bayshore & Cape May, NJ Sept. 19-25, 2018

Virginia January 10-14, 2019

South Africa February 4-19, 2019

Iceland March 21-28, 2019

Morocco April 14 - 30, 2019
England June 10 – 22, 2019

Papua New Guinea July 7-21, 2019

Mark Welford


     Mark Welford is originally from Bedford, England and today lives in
Statesboro, GA, where he is a Professor of Geography at Georgia
Southern University. His research interests include Tropical
Biogeography and Conservation, Emergent Infectious Diseases, and
historical hurricane impacts. He has coordinated several squares for
the Georgia Breeding Bird Atlas, participated in Operation Raleigh,
co-led expeditions to Africa and Alaska, and many other diverse
projects. Mark has led or co-led the following Venture tours: Coastal
Georgia (co-led 2005); Western Ecuador (co-led 2006, 2014; led 2007);
Southern Ecuador (co-led 2008); Northwestern Ecuador (led 2008);
Romania (co-led 2006); Colombia (co-led 2008, 2009); South Africa
(co-led 2010, 2012); Zambia reconnaissance tour (co-led 2011); Ghana
(co-led 2011-2012); Southern India (2013); Sri Lanka reconnaissance
tour (2014), and NE India (2015).




"Mark is a superb bird guide in all respects. He's an incredibly knowledgeable birder (I only beat him once to identify a bird while on a birding expedition). He is enjoyable in the field with a keen sense of humor, and an incredibly gentle demeanor, even when some members of the group might not be so cooperative. I have done numerous bird trips locally and two times to Ecuador, and they have been repeatable experiences in every instance. A birding trip with Mark will be an exhilarating, exciting, and enjoyable experience. His enthusiasm for birding is unparalleled, from the 1st day to the last day of the bird trip!" -John Parrish

 Aaron Steed


     Aaron Steed has been interested in birds and natural history his
entire life. Originally from Wilmington, NC, Aaron received his B.S.
in General Biology from the University of North Carolina at Asheville
in 2010. He has birded all over the southeastern US as well as New
Mexico, Colorado and Texas. He has worked with Audubon NC searching
for Piping Plover nesting sites, and with Texas A&M performing
territory mapping and monitoring of Golden-cheeked Warblers and
Black-capped Vireos on Fort Hood in the hill country of Texas. He has
also spent several seasons working for Southern Appalachian Raptor
Research (SARR), learning the art of passerine and raptor banding and
hawk-watching at Big Bald Banding Station in Mars Hill, NC. Though he
loves traveling and birding new places, he'll always be drawn back to
the Asheville area by the splendid biodiversity of the Southern

 Emilie Travis


     Emilie was born and raised in central NJ having always enjoyed watching birds but didn't discover the hobby of birding until she attended University of Vermont for a degree in Wildlife and Fisheries Biology and Forestry. Emilie was first "taken by" birds when a Double-Crested Cormorant fought back against being fit for a radio transmitter and "kissed" her lips. After graduating, Emilie birded her way between amphibian breeding grounds, acquiring some birding experience with several western species throughout the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Emilie has assisted on bird banding projects in the northeast and midwest, gaining a tremendous amount of experience handling and identifying neotropical migrants. She acquired her Master's degree at the University of Wisconsin – Madison studying the impact of communication towers to migratory birds. Emilie has also assisted on a variety of other wildlife research projects over the past 12 years so if bird activity gets slow, she is guaranteed to be distracted by a salamander, trying to identify a tree, or looking under a rock. She currently resides in West Asheville, and when not hiking/birding/salamandering/frogging or practicing yoga, you can find Emilie outfitting folks for their adventures at REI.

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 Clifton Avery


     Clifton was born and raised in the foothills of western NC.  He has always had a passion for nature and the outdoors but did not discover his love for birds until he saw a Painted Bunting off the coast of North Carolina on an early summer morning.  Soon after this eye opening experience, Clifton had the opportunity to participate in a National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) course in Brazil where he was overwhelmed by the beauty and diversity of the birds of the Amazon Rainforest.  Following this experience, Clifton went to Appalachian State University where he majored in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology with a focus in Ornithology.  Clifton worked for the Manu Bird Project in the Peruvian Amazon where he banded a wide range of avian species.  He has worked the past two summers for the NC Audubon Society studying the Golden-winged Warbler on its breeding grounds in northwestern NC.  Clifton has conducted ornithological and ecological research throughout the United States, Brazil, Peru, Nicaragua, and Vietnam as well as traveled throughout Africa, the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador, Canada and Europe.

 Ashley Peele


     Growing up in central FL, Ashley spent her childhood running around swamps and watching the alligators, turtles, and birds that dwelt there.  During college at Ohio Wesleyan University, she discovered that one could make a profession out of such pursuits, which set her course for a life of bird-nerdiness and wildlife study. In the past ten years, she has worked on studies of Mexican Spotted Owls in Utah, salt marsh nesting sparrows in Delaware, and Snail Kites in Florida. Additionally, she has birded extensively all over the eastern US, as well as Ecuador, the Galapagos, Southern Mexico, California, Arizona, Wyoming, and Colorado. She recently graduated from Tulane University with her PhD in Avian Ecology. Her research took her to Jamaica for five years, where she focused on migratory and endemic songbirds population dynamics. While in the US, she spent the rest of her time working and birding in Louisiana and the gulf coast region. She has taught Field Ornithology courses in southern Louisiana and is excited to continue teaching about not only bird identification, but also life history. Having moved to the Asheville area, she hopes to continue sharing her love of birds through teaching and guiding.

 Kevin Burke


     Kevin has a degree in Resource Recreation and Tourism from the University of Idaho.  He was introduced to birding while taking an ornithology class in Ohio and has been birding every day since.  On his days off from managing an outdoor store in Asheville, NC he spends as much time as he can in the field.  He is currently teaching his little son Owen to love birds too!


 Carlos Sanchez


     A graduate from the University of Miami, Carlos is striving to follow a career path involving bird guiding. He has had a strong love for birds (and all wildlife) since childhood, and an international perspective of the world that helps ease conversations with people wherever they may be from.

    Carlos has been Freelance bird guiding in South Florida for the past few years searching for such ABA exotics as Spot-breasted Oriole, White-winged Parakeet, and Red-whiskered Bulbul and Caribbean specialties such as Mangrove Cuckoo, White-crowned Pigeon, Black-whiskered Vireo, and Antillean Nighthawk
He has birded the entire state, has a Florida state list of 373 species and counting. He is a member of Tropical Audubon Society and leads local walks for them as well as contributing to the local magazine. He has also organized and conducted the first systematic survey of exotic bird species in Miami-Dade county (Nov 2011)  
    Overseas he has worked as a bird guide at Bellavista Cloud Forest Lodge Bird Guide in Ecuador, as well as travelled independently throughout the country, birding the many regions of the country. He has also birded Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, and Australia.
He can also speak Spanish, English, and Italian fluently and can understand and speak conversational French.

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 Keith Watson


     A native to Sevier County, Keith has over 35 years of national birding experience, including East Tennessee and the Great Smoky Mountains.  He began his birding experience as a conservationist and birder in the mid-1970’s in Knoxville, TN as a student at the University of Tennessee.  He often traveled to and experienced the “waves” of warblers on Sharp’s Ridge (Knoxville), known regionally for its attraction to migrating songbirds.  During his career with the National Park Service and US Fish and Wildlife Service, he advanced bird conservation in the Caribbean, Appalachian Mountains, Southeast Coastal Plain, and the Piedmont regions of the U.S. and developed an Avian Conservation Implementation Plan for each national park unit in the southeastern region of the NPS (57).  After leaving federal service, Keith and his wife Ruth moved “home” to the Smoky Mountains where he established the Southern Appalachian Bird Conservancy, a small business to assist local and regional conservationists with bird conservation needs.  He has assisted the Great Smoky Mountains National Park with Peregrine Falcon monitoring, Breeding Bird Surveys, Christmas Bird Counts, and special wetland surveys and developed an Avian Conservation Implementation Plan for the US Fish and Wildlife Service for the Piedmont Bird Conservation Region.  Together with fellow birders, he has documented birds never reported for Sevier County, TN. 

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