Carolina Sandhills NWR

Summer Tanager by Ventures Birding

McBee, Chesterfield County, SC
Anson County, NC
August 15, 2020

Pine Warbler by Ventures Birding

Register by clicking the ‘book now’ button above, or by contacting the Ventures office. We accept credit cards for an additional fee (2.9% for MC, Visa, Discover; 3.9% for AmEx), but you may also pay by bank transfer, cash, check, or money order. This Venture is limited to 12 participants.

Meet: At 8 AM at the Carolina Sandhills NWR Admin Building and Visitor Center, US 1 McBee, SC Price: $55 Unfortunately, our picnic lunches are not currently included in our day trips (until further notice)


An easy day birding along roadsides and trails looking for a selection of unique pine forest birds. Weather is probably going to be hot and sunny, so please remember to bring sunscreen, hat and insect repellent.

Join us for a day into the Carolina Sandhills of South Carolina. We’ll explore this large stretch of preserved forest in Chesterfield County focusing on pine savannah specialist birds such as Northern Bobwhite, Bachman’s Sparrow, Pine Warbler, Summer Tanager and the federally-endangered Red-cockaded Woodpecker, to name a few.

Longleaf pine forest once stretched from the Carolinas to eastern Texas but today only three percent remains. The focus of this trip is to enjoy and experience one of the best examples of this now rare habitat. Managed with carefully prescribed burns to prevent overcrowding by understory shrubs and the thinning of trees, the Sandhills habitat boasts some of the world’s most diverse plant communities (up to 40 species per square meter!) and some of North America’s rarest birds.

If you’ve never spent time birding in the Sandhills then you are certainly missing out – it’s one of the most beautiful and unique places in the state, so join Martina for a great day out.