Peregrine Falcons, Ducks,
& Early Spring Migrants

Lake Lure from Chimney Rock Park by Simon Thompson

Chimney Rock &
Lake Lure, NC

March 28, 2021

Black-throated Green Warbler by Alan Lenk 

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MEETING PLACE: TBA TIME: 8:30 AM – 2:30 PM COST: $55 - Park admission NOT included ($17 per adult); picnic lunch currently not included.


This spring day trip will be spent birding along the cliffs of Chimney Rock where Peregrine Falcons nest every year. We will spend about the first half of the morning watching for the falcons and then head down to Lake Lure to do some easy birding around the lake. We will be climbing up a few hundred steps to the viewing spot for the falcons, so its best to wear good footwear and be physically prepared.

Chimney Rock State Park is at the bottom of the rugged Hickory Nut Gorge where the Broad River empties into Lake Lure. A number of unique creatures occur here including the rare Peregrine Falcon that we will hope to observe at a nesting site on the huge cliffs that rise over the community of Chimney Rock, NC. This is an excellent time of year to see the falcons showing off courtship behaviors such as aerial displays, food exchanges, and even copulation! We will try our luck at seeing the falcons for the first half of the morning and then will for any early spring migrants such as Louisiana Waterthrush, Black-throated Green Warbler, and Blue-headed Vireo.

After birding along the cliffs we will head down to Lake Lure and bird Morse Park, a small peninsula of Lake Lure that hosts a variety of habitats. Winter sparrows and waterfowl will still be possible and we could see anything from Swamp Sparrow to Common Merganser. If we have time afterwards we will head back into the state park for the relaxing walk through mature hardwoods to the spectacular Hickory Nut Falls.

Join Clifton for an exciting spring birding trip on the Blue Ridge Escarpment.