The Truth about Bird Feeding

Ruby-throated Hummer by Ventures Birding

Asheville, NC
December 1, 2020

Cardinal by Ventures Birding 

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Meeting Place: Meeting place will be at the North Asheville Wild Birds Unlimited store. Time will be 10:30 AM and the workshop will probably finish by 12:30- 1:00 PM. Price: $35


Who does not like feeding the birds? We get to enjoy their comings-and-goings as they visit the feeders to get food. We also get to watch bird behavior as pairs of Cardinals pair-bond by feeding each other. Adults often bring their chicks to feed as well, which is also fascinating and often amusing thing to watch.

But what is the best feeder for the birds? What food is best for attracting the best number of species? How often shall I clean my feeders? How do I keep the bears away? We are bombarded by advertising as to what bird feeders and what bird seed is the best, but to be honest, not all bird seed is created equal! All of these questions and many more will be answered by Chris and Simon in this 2-2.5 hour workshop on the truth about bird-feeding.