County Birding

Black-bellied Plover by Alan Lenk

Henderson County, NC
May 1, 2021

Peregrine Falcon by Simon Thompson

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Departure: We will meet in the parking area at Mills River Park. Time: 8:00 AM – 2:30 PM Price: $55 Picnic lunch not included (until further notice)


This is the seventh in our new series of County Birding Day-trips. Many of us enjoy County Birding with eBird’s new county maps and the multiple hotspots. We will explore as much as we can during our day and try to hit some of the best hotspots. The birding and pace will be easy, but there will be a fair bit of walking, so wear comfortable footwear and bring suitable clothing and your lunch.

Located at the edge of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Henderson County is a one of the best and most birded counties in Western North Carolina. The county is diverse with a great diversity of habitats from high portions of the Blue Ridge in Pisgah National Forest, sections of Dupont State Forest and tracts of open agricultural land along the French Broad River.

We will meet at the parking area at Mills River Park, a great spot for breeding Willow Flycatcher, Blue Grosbeak and a great spot for late White-crowned Sparrows, before walking down Hooper Lane, one of the best shorebird spots in the area. If we have had rain we can expect almost any shorebird that migrates through eastern North America (!), as well as late sparrows, swallows and other typical open-country birds.

Henderson County is blessed with multiple great birding locations, such as Jackson Park (think almost every Eastern Warbler); Lake Osceola for breeding Yellow-throated Warbler, lingering waterfowl and other freshwater species; North Mills River for Louisiana Waterthrush and Acadian Flycatcher and the nearby Blue Ridge for breeding warblers, such as Black-and-White, Hooded, Chestnut-sided and all of the higher elevation species.

Join us for an enjoyable day exploring Henderson County, a very picturesque county with a total eBird list of almost 300 species. Let’s see if we can add a couple to the list on our day today as we explore the county.